Being a knitter myself, I know what it takes for Lisa to make a hat but that's only a tiny part of the artistry. 
Lisa's creations are so much more than just a "hat". It takes hours of dreaming up designs, sketching and reworking the project maybe several times for it to be perfect. And that's what her creations are...perfection.  Whenever I score one of Lisa's goodies, I'm on cloud 9 and who are we kidding...they are SO fun!  Thank you, Lisa for sharing your creativity, time and talent with me and your 15,000+ fans. You're truly one of a kind.
-Kristen Mackey with Son Kissed Photographpy

I'm a photographer specializing in the art of newborn photography and
with my first purchase from SweetLove Creates I knew I was in heaven.The quality and workmanship put into each hat is absolutely amazing. I am astonished with every new design created. I display my SweetLove Creations as art in my home! Not only did I find heaven with all of your creations I found a friend who has an amazing heart. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creations with me and the world. You are truly one of a kind :)   
  -Kim McDaniel with KimberlyG Photography

Sweet Love Creates is my all-time favorite vendor!!!  Lisa is amazing, talented and creative!!!  
All of her designs are created from scratch, which sets her apart from others.  Her workmanship is consistent and superb!!!  The time, dedication, love and care put into each product is extremely apparent.  She has an amazingly skilled hand and eye for design.  Her creations never cease to amaze and excite me!!! Each times she introduces a new design I am in awe of her work.  The desire to own each and every one of her products just grows and grows.  I truly love each creation that I own. Thank you Lisa for sharing your creativity with the world and being such a sweetheart.  I am truly grateful to have found such a fabulous vendor, creator and friend!!!
-Mindy Metivier with Mindy Metivier Photography